This property is fully deeded property, registered in Panama City, and owned completely by the seller with no leans on the property.  The seller is working with a Real Estate Agent in Panama who speaks both English and Spanish. The Real Estate agent is also a licensed attorney in Panama with expertise in handling property transfers or real estate sales.

For the property sales price please fill out the contact information.  The real estate agent, or seller will send you the most recent 2019 property appraisal for your review.  Panama uses the dollar for currency, so no conversion is necessary. Properties are typically appraised in Panama by dollars per square meter.  One hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters. This property is just a little under 2 hectares or (1Hectare plus 9,640 square meters). The value of this property is due to its prime fishing location, fishing/eco-resort potential, and there are few to no deeded properties that are for sale within the boundaries of the Darien National Park.

Air Panama Airlines flies from Panama City (Albrook Airport) to Pinas Bay every Friday and Monday.  If you desire to view the property, make reservations with Air Panama and I will have my caretaker meet you at the Pinas Bay airstrip and transport you by water taxi to the property.   Let me know how long you would like to visit the property, so I can arrange for you pickup and transfer back to the Pinas Bay Airstrip. For reservations on AirPanama you can email them at: reservaciones@airpanama.com, or call AirPanama at 507-316-9000.

My family has owned this property since 1981, using it primarily for fishing.  We have used the property for years without any danger. The village of Pinas Bay is one mile down the beach with a police station at the village.  There is also a military station within Pinas Bay. Tropic Star Lodge is located minutes from the property within Pinas Bay and also has a security presence.

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