The Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 1 ends just outside of Panama City.  There are no roads in the Darien National Park and this property is surrounded by the Darien National Park.  Despite there being no road access this property is easily accessible by boat or plane.  AirPanama, a commercial airline, fly’s round trip from Panama City to Pinas Bay on Monday and Friday, weekly for less than 200 dollars roundtrip.  AirPanama fly’s throughout the country of Panama as well as Columbia and operates from the Albrook Airport located in Panama City. If you prefer a private air charter this is also available to Pinas Bay at the Albrook Airport.

Airplane View Pinas Bay

You will land on a paved runway in Pinas Bay, with the runway located only one mile down the beach from the property.  You can also take your private yacht or boat charter from Panama City to Pinas Bay which is only a little over 100 miles one way.  Supply boats travel from Panama City to Pinas Bay about once every week or two bringing both passengers and supplies to Pinas Bay.

The Panama Tocumen International Airport services most major Airlines, with direct flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco,  Houston, Las Vegas and Florida.

There are no roads to this pristine property surrounded by the Darien National Park. You can take a short flight on the commercial airlines AirPanama.  The airstrip is located one mile from the property and at low tide you can walk down the beach to the property. Or take your private boat where there is a protected cove awaiting to welcome you.