Sitting on porch

The property is located one mile down the beach from the village of Pinas Bay but separated from the village by a rocky point offering privacy.  The 5-acre property is beach front, offering multiple beautiful vistas for future cabanas.

Over the years many varieties of trees have been planted for you to enjoy such as mango, papaya, banana, coconut, lemon, orange, and avocado.  There is a stream that flows a few feet from the house, providing a reliable source of crystal clean drinking water year-round even during the dry season.  The stream provides a nice swimming hole a few steps from the house making for a great place to freshen up.

Just in front of the house there is a cove, ideal for anchoring your private yacht or multiple boats.  Even when the surf gets big just down the beach in Pinas Bay, this cove is always calm, and is 30 feet deep even at low tide.  At low tide the beach becomes expansive, and perfect for taking your morning jog with soft firm sand under foot. Or enjoy your private beach taking a midnight swim while looking up at the stars that appear so close just at the equator.

Every evening at sunset there is a cool breeze that flows down onto the property making for natural air-conditioning.  Enjoy amazing sunsets while sitting on the deck.

There is a 2-bedroom house, and 16-foot-wide sleeping Cabana on the property.  The house does have an electric panel and can receive electricity from the generator house. There is an off the grid inverter located in the generator house for a solar system.  There is septic and plumbing. Propane tanks fuel the stove, and oven.

Building materials, food, propane tanks and 55-gallon barrels of fuel can be easily transported on supply boats leaving Panamá City to Pinas Bay every week or two.  Transportation costs on these boats are inexpensive as these boats make regular trips from Panama City delivering materials and consumer goods to the inhabitants of Pinas Bay located one mile from the property.

A cell phone tower was recently constructed in Pinas Bay allowing for good cell phone service.

The property was recently surveyed and appraised in 2019.   The property margins or corners are clearly marked with posts.


Surveyed with posts
Survey Map